The home of the leading vehicle trade marketplaces

Alma Ajo serves vehicle buyers, sellers, and owners as well as marketers with a wide range of digital services. 


All vehicle business services in one place

Alma Ajo groups Finland’s leading vehicle trade marketplaces together: Nettiauto and Autotalli for cars, Nettimoto for motorcycles, Nettivene for boats, and Nettikaravaani for motor homes and trailers. Our services also include Nettikone for professionals in the heavy machinery industry. Nettivaraosa is a marketplace for spare parts, rims, and tires.  

Our mission is to be the forerunner in the digital vehicle trade and to offer top-tier services regardless of customer size. In total, our services reach more than 1.2 million Finns every week.  


A solution that fits your needs

Whether you are a private person looking to sell or buy a vehicle or have a company with a large fleet, you are in the right place. We have tailored services for different-sized stakeholders, all of which ensure an effortless way to buy, sell or manage vehicles.

Our marketplaces bring together buyers and sellers. More than 650 000 sales are made per year for vehicles listed on Nettiauto alone. Together, the marketplaces currently list over 150 000 vehicles for sale, both privately and from dealers.

Our advanced ERP systems offer an efficient way of managing your vehicle business. The digital solutions help you streamline the sales process from leads to invoicing. 


Reach your audience effectively

By advertising in the Alma Ajo channels, your products and services reach a large audience with high purchase power. We can target visibility based on user interests, location, or demographic. Reach your customer in the right stage of the purchase funnel – dreaming, consideration, or purchase process. You have a wide array of ad formats at your disposal. Use display ads to attract interest and later support decision-making. Offer information about your product with content marketing. Our experts help you choose the right tools to achieve your goals.

Alma Ajo is a part of the Alma Media advertising network.   


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